This is implemented on large hillside irrigation schemes. It is mainly done by use of center pivots, sprinklers and drip system.

Hillside irrigation is being developed by Land husbandry Water harvesting and Hillside Irrigation project (LWH) and Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), under its department of Land Husbandry, Irrigation and Mechanization.

Current Area under hillside irrigation is 6,921.5Ha

Center pivot, Sprinklers and drip irrigation on hillsides

Major Irrigation Projects at early stages include;

  1. Nasho II Irrigation Project -   1,206 Ha
  2. Export Targeting Modern Irrigated Agriculture Projects in Rwanda (ETI) – 7,000Ha
  3. Ndego Irrigation Scheme Development (500Ha)

Strategies to scale up the adoption of small scale irrigation technologies

Continued mobilization of Micro-Finance Institutions and other private sector partnersto provide access to finance for farmers (e.g. ATLANTIS; UrwegoOportunity Bank (UoB); BanquePopulaire(BP); Equity Bank; …)

Possibility of the Government increasing subsidy up-to at least 75%;

Mobilization of SSIT grantsfrom partners (WFP-P4P; FAO-AWM; USAID4Ag; JIS-IFC; etc) and NGOs to top-up the GoR support;

Increase number of service providers or Re-application through tender of EoI;

Initiate SSIT Revolving Funds at Districtto support and complement the national SSIT Program;

Joint planning and implementationfor SSIT District earmarked funds and national SSIT Program.