Post Harverst

The Post Harvest unit is responsible for implementing the national agriculture policy related to post harvest activities. It serves as the primary point for information flow between RAB and all stakeholders on post harvest matters.

The unit coordinates and facilitates demand articulation, planning, monitoring, evaluation, impact assessment and reporting processes related to post harvest activities and infrastructures. Additionally, the unit coordinates extensionists and extension service delivery related to post harvest engineering, handling, and systems to improve the quality of produce and to reduce post harvest losses. It also oversees the safety and maintenance of post harvest equipment and facilities, and ensures that the operation of facilities complies with proper safety procedures.

To effectively engage in all of these activities, the Post Harvest unit partners with a variety of stakeholders, including farmers, provincial and local authorities, civil society organizations, the private sector, and local and international development partners.


The post harvest program continued to improve post harvest management among the farmers through their cooperatives. The programme aimed at enhancing the capacity of the farmers to harvest quality crop in good manner and to keep the harvested produce in good condition until it is consumed or sold to a buyer at the best prices in an organized market.

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