Farmer Field Schools (FFS) is a farmer-based extension approach that provides proximity extension services to farmers in the country. The main activities were related to two main complementary approaches, which are FFS (Farmer Field Schools) and its related activities, and Community Mobilization Campaigns (CMC). These two approaches were instrumental in the participatory identification and testing of 65 varieties of which five were of rice, 13 of potato, 12 of banana, four of cassava, 12 of maize, five of tomato, two of tamarillo, one of maracuja, four of soybean and 12 of forage grass species.


Farmer Promoters are volunteer community leaders who receive technical training by RAB and Local Government to serve as farmer-to-farmer extension agents in their own villages. There is one Farmer Promoter in every village in Rwanda, with over 14,000 Farmer Promoters nationwide.


During the FY 2013/2014, RAB continued to strengthen cooperatives for improved governance, management and technical knowledge for effective delivery of enhanced services and more effective linkages with input and output markets. The key activities undertaken include mobilizing farmers for organization into cooperatives, trainings activities to enhance management and entrepreneurial capacities in farmer cooperatives and organizations.

The main achievements were: ToTs as the key persons in the pilot cooperatives; Enhanced capacity and confidence among cooperative leaders through capacity building plans; Increased awareness of farmers in contract farming as well as market out search; Demonstration and farm trials on use of micronutrient fertilizers by rice cooperatives.


Kigali City has an immense potential for agricultural production and the majority of arable land is located in the marshlands. However, only 3,010.9 Ha out of 7,726.8 Ha of marshlands were exploited but in desorganised way. The horticulture development in Kigali city is one of the best options for making marshlands profitable and ecologically viable. During the fiscal year 2013-2014, RAB developed horticulture options for Kigali City and enhanced the capacity of farmers in vegetable production in the marshlands. Vegetable production was promoted on about 100 Ha and 400 horticultural growers were trained on vegetables cultivation techniques.