Seed production was concentrated on pre-basic and basic seed for priority crops including maize, wheat, rice, Irish potato, cassava, beans, soy bean and sunflower. It explains the area targeted and planted, the production planned and achieved, and gives the problems encountered during the implementation of activities. Seed production was done in various stations, and the produced seeds were distributed across different agro-climatic zones of the country


 The pre- basic and basic seed production started with the first rains of September 2013. Table 51 shows the area planned and area planted for producing seeds of various crops. After planting, drought occurred and affected some crops, mainly in Mulindi and Karama stations. At Mulindi, 2.4 ha of maize crop was entirely destroyed by drought and replaced by bean crop. At Karama drought occurred just after planting and soy bean crop failed on 4 Ha. The rain shortage also affected other crops such as maize and climbing beans, which dried out before attaining the full maturity.


 Besides problems that resulted in low seed production, the others were the lack of post harvest equipment especially threshers for wheat and shellers for maize broke down; it was impossible to repair them for use at the appropriate time. The tendering system of inputs was very long, which resulted into the lack of inputs at the right time.