In particular, RAB shall have the following responsibilities:

1. To implement the national policy of agriculture and animal husbandry;

2. To contribute in determining policy in agriculture, animal husbandry, agricultural and animal husbandry research and technology;

3. To provide farmers and consumers of agricultural products with information, techniques and services meant for improving their profession and supplying the internal market with increased and quality production thereby raising their agricultural and animal husbandry incomes;

4. To prevent and fight animal diseases and implement appropriate strategies meant for ensuring control, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases

5. To prevent and control plant diseases, insects and pests and implement appropriate strategies meant for ensuring control and prevention of plant diseases;

6. To conduct baseline survey and research aiming at development and solving problems identified in agriculture and animal husbandry and by products;

7. To monitor and coordinate activities of persons exercising the profession of agriculture, animal husbandry and research and stakeholders;

8. To identify and provide farmers with new technologies for proper management of land, water and use of agricultural and animal husbandry mechanization;

9. To coordinate activities aiming at promoting agricultural and animal husbandry infrastructure;

10. To examine and issue certificates of standards for agricultural and animal husbandry products meant for export;

11. To examine, verify and issue certificates authorizing imports of domestic animals, semen, fertilized eggs, seeds, plants and cuttings and other agricultural and animal husbandry products;

12. To work closely with other institutions in charge of standards and environment while importing fertilizers, crop protection products and other agricultural and animal husbandry inputs;

13. To contribute in establishing, publicizing and enforcing laws and regulations governing agriculture, animal husbandry, research as well as related products;

14. To establish relations and collaborate with other regional and international institutions having the same mission as RAB;

15. To ensure preparation, conservation, issuance and use of veterinary and crop protection products as well as their import and export;

16. To issue licenses and control the trade of veterinary products and agriculture inputs;

17. To ensure and monitor activities of production, control and trade of selected seeds;

18. To collect national and international innovations, new and appropriate technologies and refine them for use in agriculture and animal husbandry in Rwanda;

19. To provide agricultural extension services in accordance with agricultural and animal husbandry needs;

20. To coordinate activities of agricultural extension and research plans and disseminate such agricultural and animal husbandry needs as determined by zonal branches of RAB;

21. To support and coordinate agricultural extension and research activities in administrative decentralized entities;

22. To support agricultural and animal husbandry cooperatives towards a better service delivery;

23. To ensure partnership and coordinate activities of the non-governmental organizations, private operators and organs involved in implementation of agricultural and animal husbandry programs.