Members of the EAP-FSN paid a visit to the Director General at HCoE

On 9th December, 2022, the Director General of Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board, Dr Patrick Karangwa, welcomed representatives of the Eastern African Parliamentary for Food Security and Nutrition and FAO staff who were on a visit to the Rwanda-Israel Horticulture Center of Excellence.

After discussing and sharing insights with the Director General about the agricultural technology the center uses, the parliamentarians visited different facilities, including screen houses and nurseries, among others.They commended the work of the Rwanda-Israel Horticulture Center of Excellence where farmers obtain seedlings and hands-on training to start their farms and thrive.

The EAP-FSN members' visit to the Rwanda-Israel Horticulture Center of Excellence was a side trip to the 4th EAPA FSN General Assembly, which was being held in Rwanda from December 7–9, 2022 and was organized by FAO and the Parliament of Rwanda.

The horticulture center of excellence, established at Mulindi in the City of Kigali through the cooperation between Rwanda and Israel, comes to strengthen the technical know-how of Rwandan researchers, extension agents and small and commercial farmers, through the transfer of hands-on skills among others.