First harvest of Maize in Rukore , Arusha , Bigogwe from terraces.

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Since July 2010, MINAGRI with the help of some other stakeholders initiated the project of sensitization, mobilisation, roads development, crops development and terraces, drainage, forest plantation in terraces and their regeneration. The completion of this project is expected in June 2013. In Rukore village, Arusha cell, Bigogwe sector in Nyabihu district, at 2 pm of 7th May, 2012, invited delegates, local leaders and citizens, gathered to appreciate and share the up to date implemented activities of the project. This project in collaboration with (MINAGRI, MINALOC and MINIRENA) that had to be implemented in the western province, on an area of 6500 Ha with the budget of 16, 5 billions rwandan francs, is on its maturity. So far, 400 Ha in Rukore and Kijote sites in Nyabihu District, are cultivated in terraces. 48 Ha

Terraces in which maize and potatoes are cultivated

Theoneste Rutayisire, 47, one of the local farmers of maize in Rukore sector, grouped in “Intego” (Vision) Association, said that the production he used to have before joining the association never gave him the income he expected to get. When asked the estimation of the income from the harvest, he said it can’t be below 1,300,000 Rwandan francs monthly. In few words, Abdulatif Twahirwa, Mayor of Nyabihu District confirmed that those cultivated areas belongs to farmers not the government as people used to think. “ Activities must come beyond words, tell those who are hungry to come, they will be fed, tell those who want to invest in our district that they are lucky.
Dr. J.J. Mbonigaba Muhinda, the guest of honor, concluded the day, expressing and extending thanks to all the stakeholders, Local Authorities, Army, Farmers, RAB-LISP, RURA-FEC/PAREF, Reserved Force, NAEB/USAID, and anyone who helped, morally or physically the completion of the mentioned work and stated that the government will protect and sustain the development of the activities already done but also noticed that whoever will misuse any of them will be severally punished.