The training of veterinarians of sector from the Northern Province has been officially closed, 09 may 2012

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A training on cattle artificial insemination technique of 31 veterinarians from all sectors of the Northern Province that lasted for a month has been officially closed by the Governor of that province by providing certificates and Artificial Insemination (AI) materials to the trainees. This training was organized by Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) to empower the “Girinka” program, which was initiated in 2006 by H.E Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda.

In his speech, Dr. J. Jacques Mbonigaba Muhinda, the Director General of RAB said, Rwanda’s economy is based on agriculture and livestock and Veterinarians are among to those who contribute to the development of our country.

He congratulated them for the performance and said that the necessity is not only being trained, but also to contribute much in helping farmers, teaching them how to become self-sufficient in their profession. “The biggest problem most of the farmers face, is to know when their cows are on heat.” He added. He advised them, not to go and misuse the materials they are given or to disregard those who need their help, and any one that will fail to achieve his/her duties will be punished, It will not be difficult to evaluate you when you will not be delivering good services since they have our toll free line (4675) to report to us daily Aime Bosenibamwe Governor of Nothern province (standing), on his left are Dr. J.J Mbonigaba Muhinda DG-RAB and Dr. Christine Kanyandekwe, the Deputy Director General in charge of livestock Extension/RAB

After being given their certificates and AI materials by RAB, the Governor of the Northern Province thanked the RAB’s initiative in his province and all the participants of the training. He requested a tight attention from veterinarians, that their work is not only to deal with the cattle artificial insemination but also that there will be a follow up, performance evaluation to see if what they have learnt is being implemented to increase the productivity of the farmers and the nation as well. He also stated that the government will support them if they support themselves as God helps who helps himself/herself.

Mrs. Beatrice Mukantangara, one of the trained veterinarians explaining the use of the given materials

This training was attended by 13 females, 18 males. They requested the motorcycles that will assist them to reach the set goals.