Banana rehabilitation, banana pests and disease control

Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) in collaboration with Kayonza District, within the framework of the implementation of the Performances Contracts of Kayonza district, RAB offered a two weeks training on banana field management and rehabilitation; pests and diseases, through FFS implementation to the profit of the banana farmer’s promoters and FFS facilitators. Participants were 698; 232 women and 466 men from 8 Sectors of Kayonza District; Ndego, Kabare, Murama, Rwinkwavu, Kabarondo, Nyamirama, Ruramira and Mukarange, Gahini, Mwiri, Rukara and Murundi.

The objective of the training was the reinforcement of knowledge on the banana management and rehabilitation; banana pests and diseases and farmers field school (FFS) implementation.

The training was a participative and consisted one with the exchanges of knowledge and experiments between the participants; Identification of the field, Field preparation, Preparation of the holes, Identification of the suckers for planting, Preparation of the suckers, Fertilization and plantation.

The training focused on technicalities of suckers production using macro propagation; Depth training (more than one day), strong follow up by RAB and Sector agronomist during the FFS implementation, follow up by RAB in farmers banana plantation

The training was marked by a good work atmosphere and large exchange of ideas and knowledge between the trainers and farmers and farmers appreciated the training. Farmers promised to apply the knowledge acquired during the training by forming the banana FFS in their villages at the rate of 2 or 3 FFS (Farmer Field School) by Sector, and to be the model in their respective villages with support by the sector agronomist, farmer promoters and FFS facilitators.