CEPGL Roundtable meeting for fund mobilization to rehabilitate Rusizi Plain

On 24th October 2019, a RoundTable meeting was held in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), for fund mobilization to implement the Regional Program for Integrated Development of the Rusizi valley (PREDIR).

PREDIR is a USD1.613 billion program which was committed by country members of the Communauté Economique des Pays des Grand Lacs-CEPGL in October 2013, to alleviate poverty and instability in the CEPGL region through improvement of socio-economic environment, and private investments in production, processing and marketing of agricultural products in Rusizi Valley.

The roundtable meeting was attended, among others, by Hon. Dr. Deo-Guide Rurema (Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock of Burundi), Hon. Henri Yav Mulang (Minister of Finance of DRC), Dr. Patrick KARANGWA (Director General of Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board-RAB), Mr. Herman TUYAGA (CEPGL Executive Secretary), heads of CEPGL affiliated institutions, (Banque de Développement des Etats des Grands Lacs-BDEGL and Société Internationale d’Electricité des pays des Grands Lacs- SINELAC), Representatives of Development Partners including European Union, World Bank, countries like Switzerland, Japan, China, African Development Bank, and regional Economic Blocks.

PREDIR has five (5) complementary components, namely (i) Creation and rehabilitation of hydro-agricultural infrastructure on a total area of 33,762ha (with 2,175 ha on Rwandan side); (ii) Sustainable development of water resources and natural resources with Agricultural development, Livestock development, and Development of Agro-industry as subcomponents; (iii) Sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development; (iv) Environment safeguarding and climate resilience ecosystems, and (v) Institutional Development and Capacity Building.

The roundtable was organized following the completion of a feasibility study and a master plan under the financing of African Development Bank (about 2 million Euro for studies). Fund mobilization is at initial phases, whereby BDGEL committed €10 million, while the European Union says to commit €30 billion in the next Fiscal Year for all sub-Saharan countries and for all sectors.