Field day to increase awareness and adoption of RAB new maize hybrid varieties

Maize cropping systems in Rwanda have known tremendous development since 2008. The development of maize cropping systems has stimulated the changes in variety requirements and the focus shifted from Open Pollinated Varieties (OPVs) to hybrid cultivars obtained through seed importation . 

Parallel to seed importation, Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) undertook the development of locally bred maize hybrids where eight varieties including four for mid and low altitudes, and four for high altitudes are ready for further seed production. 

Already six of them: RHM104, RHM1407, RHM1402 and RHM1409 for mid altitudes and RHMH1520 and RHMH1601 for high altitudes are at certified seed production level where it is expected to get at least 2,086 MT of packaged seeds after harvesting the season 2020 A.  

The field day took place at Shyogwe Site (demonstration plot with KIABR maize cooperative), in Nyarucyamo Village, Mubuga Cell, Shyogwe Sector, Muhanga District; Gacurabwenege site (demonstration plot with a Farmer Promotor) in Ryabitana Village, Gahinga Cell, Gacurabwenge Sector, Kamonyi District and Bishenyi Site (certified seed production plot) in Kigese and Kagarama Villages, Kigese Cell, Rugarika Sector, Kamonyi District