Training on the Use of Aflasafe

Aflatoxins contaminate people through staple food, cash crops and animal feeds and can occur throughout value chains making it difficult to prevent and control. Aflatoxins not only affect public health but also agriculture and food systems, trade, rural incomes and purchasing power, worker productivity, and consumer confidence.

Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) is therefore conducting a two weeks training of trainers on the use “Aflasafe” and other methods to prevent aflatoxin contamination of foods such as maize, sorghum, and groundnut among others for food safety in Rwanda. The participants totaling 61 are district agronomists and partners such as Clinton Development Initiative (CDI), Hinga Weze, EUCARD, WFP, One Acre Fund, who will transfer the acquired knowledge to farmers since aflatoxin starts at farm level and contamination occurs in both pre and postharvest phases.