Training Course on JUNCAO Technologyq

From 4th November to 9th December, 2019, Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources development Board (RAB) in collaboration with Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University organized a 25days training course on Juncao Technology hosted by RAB/Rubona station. The training involve 45 Participants: RAB staffs; Lecturers from public and private universities; Local Government; MINAGRI; Cooperatives of mushroom growers; NGO; RYAF.

The purpose of the training is to increase knowledge on cultivation and production of mushrooms for the administration and technical staff in agriculture and agro-processing, research and extension in the public and private sectors and the civil society. The Juncao technology is an important project of China--UN Peace and Development Fund, which focuses on poverty alleviation, reducing hunger, using renewable energy, promoting employment and tackling climate change.

Through technical training and undertaking foreign aid and international cooperation projects, Juncao have established demonstration and technical training sites for the production of Juncao technology in 13 countries including Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Rwanda, Lesotho and Fiji.

The Juncao technology foreign aid training seminars have trained more than 78 hundreds students from 106 countries on 6 continents, which have played a positive role in helping developing countries increase agricultural efficiency, increase farmers’ income, protect the environment, and get rid of poverty. Juncao also promotes the exchange and application of the Juncao technology, and further promote the development of the international Juncao industry, so that this technology that benefits people’s livelihood can be spread and developed continuously in the world for the benefit of all mankind.