Support to COPABUHU Cooperative with 30 honey bee colonies

In the night of 6th April 2020, the apiary of Cooperative COPABUHU practicing apiculture in ‘Ibisi bya Huye’ was vandalized, by robbers. The Cooperative lost 112 honey bee colonies out of 524 bee colonies which produce 10 tons of honey per year.             

About 80% of the bees were destroyed by hoaxes equivalent to 3.9 million Rwandan francs. The Deputy Director General in charge of Animal Resources and Technology Transfer in RAB, reported this incident to the police and the Governor of Southern province. As of today two suspects are in the custody of RIB as they are working on the matter. However, there is another set of 5 suspects who have not been caught yet in Simbi Sector because they are allegedly “dangerous”.

From a meeting held between RAB and the cooperative leadership, RAB agreed to offer 30 honey bee colonies to the cooperative and in June RAB will help the cooperative with queen rearing and honey bee colony multiplication. The cooperative requested for advocacy for professional security organs such as police and military to patrol the forest because robbers there are armed with traditional arms. From 20th to 21st April 2020, RAB provided to the convened 30 strong honey bee colonies will enable the cooperative to boost their honey production, one bee smoker and promised them to multiply their bee colonies during the honey flow in June. The president of COPABUHU cooperative Mr. Uwingabire Patrick was very grateful for the donation received and he required more support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources in terms of advocacy and capacity building.