Hon. Minister of Agriculture meets RAB Scientists

On Monday 9th August 2021, The Honorable Minister of Agriculture Dr Gerardine MUKESHIMANA conducted a virtual meeting with all RAB Scientist / Researchers. The Honorable Minister was briefed about the work researchers are doing and had an appreciation of their ambitions in research, and assured efforts of the Government of Rwanda for the development of agriculture through research and innovation and outreach.

In his introduction remarks the Director General of RAB Dr. Patrick Karangwa gave a brief presentation on Agricultural and Animal Resources Research conducted by RAB Scientists; Main Achievements, Current Status, Challenges and Plans.

The achievements presented include Development, releasing and disseminating eight maize hybrid varieties with superior traits including drought tolerance, earliness specifically for high altitudes ecologies, Maize Lethal Necrosis (MLN) tolerance. 8 new Cassava varieties were released in 2021, among these, 6 varieties have good cooking and processing qualities, 2 varieties are bio-fortified with Beta carotene. New method to control Banana Bacterial Wilt (Single Disease Stem Removal), dropping incidence to nearly 0% in a year while keeping the plantation producing bunches. Apple varieties introduced under promotion: Anna & Golden Dorset. Local production of apple grafted plants (protocol optimised). Production of Black Soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) as protein source in fish feed and Production of Earthworms as live fish feed in aquaculture farming.

The Honorable Minister encouraged RAB Scientists to ensure that new technologies and innovations are in hands of farmers to improve the day to day activities of farmers as soon as they are released.