The Director General visits Kirehe Irrigation Infrastructures

12 August, 2021, the Director General of Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Dr Patrick KARANGWA, conducted a field visit to Irrigation infrastructures in Kirehe District. 

The Director General visited Nasho Solar-Powered Irrigation Project which operates on 1172 Hectares. After a site tour he had a meeting with Nasho Irrigation Cooperative NAICO in which he assured to the Cooperative that RAB will provide technical support that may be needed to ensure that the productivity of the irrigated scheme is optimized.

The Director General visited also the ongoing activities of the project for development of  Irrigation and Watershed Management Infrastructure in Mpanga sector Kirehe District, covering 659 hectares. Dr Patrick KARANGWA interacted with the contracted company and agreed with them to have the project finilised by December 2020.

The development of irrigation infrastructures in Mpanga, Mahama and Nasho sectors of Kirehe aims to address the problem of recurrent drought in this area and is within the Government plan to achieve 102284 ha irrigated by 2024.  To date, 67100 ha of irrigated land have been developed, consisting of 37273 ha of marshland irrigation, 20388 ha of SSIT (Small Scale Irrigation Technologies) and 9439 ha of hillside irrigation.