Bidaharinka lauds RDDP support

Since 11th August 2021, I have been in Musanze District following up the implementation of RDDP marching grant through business plans.

Before starting the field, we had a briefing session with the RDDP District coordinator, Mr. Sosthene Munyemana who presented to us a list of beneficiaries whom we would visit that day.

I crosschecked names on the list, in the middle, I found one name which seemingly new, “BIDAHARINKA”. The name itself means it all in dairy, as etymologically it means the one who never abandon cows.

The 54 years farmer is a farther of 8 children living in Musanze district, Muhoza sector, but couldn’t satisfy the home milk supply though he had cows. “I could hardly get enough milk for my family, leave alone doing it as business” said Mr Bidaharinka.

He used to graze his cows on 2 hectares of land, which was never enough to feed these lactating cows, the cows couldn’t provide enough milk due to the bad condition. “The cows could wander here around under the heavy rain and sun” he added.

He had a dream of modernizing his farm but couldn’t, due to lack of fund, and had no idea of what makes a modern farm.
Since the Rwanda Dairy Development Project RDDP started its activities in Musanze District, Mr. Bidaharinka applied for a grant to modernize his farm with the major objective to increase his milk production.

He was supported with a grant to build a modern cowshed for his 12 cows, which covered 150 square meters of the two hectares of land that he used to spoil for no cost. “You see, the rest of this land is covered with Cloris Gayana grasses which I feed these cows at a daily basis.” He spoke.

He added that though he recovered the land use strategy, he now can supplement the grasses with brewery residues which makes the grasses sufficient for the feeding. “If it wasn’t RDDP, I would have left the farming business to other decent business, but now dairy has become my rewarding business” said Bidaharinka with a smile on his face.

Now, Bidaharinka collects 100liters a day which he supplies to Muhoza milk collection center at an unknit price of 220Frw, which makes the monthly profit of over 650.000Frw, and he has the ambition to increase this production to triple fold.