RAB Gives collection and quality testing Equipments to 92 Milk Collection Centers

In the framework of strengthening the Rwandan dairy sector, the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources development Board has supported 92 Milk Collection Centers (MCC) to acquire milk collection and quality testing equipments.

These equipments include Milk cans, milk cooling tanks and a variety of quality & safety testing kits for milk. This support is expected to significantly enhance the capacity of dairy farmers and MCCs in assuring the quality and safety of milk.

The annual milk production in Rwanda is valued at approximately $162.4 million. Over the past decade, the government has made significant investments in the industry, with the dairy subsector being the largest and fastest-growing segment of the livestock sector in the country, accounting for 10.5 per cent of agricultural GDP.

The GoR considers the dairy sector as a valuable pathway to economic growth. It not only contributes significantly to the country's total GDP but also offers a means of addressing malnutrition, famine, and poverty to the majority of cattle keepers and service providers along the dairy value chain (DVC).

The dairy policies, programs, and regulations in Rwanda have led to an improved dairy sector in the country and contributed to the provision and use of inputs and services. Some of the policies and programs that have been implemented, such as Girinka, RDCP I and II, and RDDP, have enhanced dairy productivity, input market, and milk production through enhanced health inputs and other services.