RAB trains TWIGIRE MUHINZI extension agents ahead of 2022A Season

Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development has conducted a training of TWIGIRE MUHINZI extension agents (Abamamazabuhinzi). Participants from 397 sectors were trained on good agricultural practices, pest and disease management and post-harvest techniques.  

The trainees included 13,550 Farmer promoters, 1,779 FFS facilitators, 2,021 Socio Economic Development Officers (SEDOs), 701 inputs Agro-dealers and 395 Sector Agronomists

All trained extension agents are expected to train as many farmers as possible (More than 1 million households) on the demonstration plot on good agricultural practices (GAP) in 22A. RAB stations (Twigire Muhinzi Coordinators) will follow up on seasonal farmer training with Sector Agronomists and SEDOs.

The 2022 A seasonal training focused on promoting hybrid maize adoption in general, locally made hybrid maize adoption, use of inorganic fertilizers before the start of the 22A season and the use of good agricultural practices.