RAB Launches Drought Mitigation Campaign

On 21 November 2021: Director General of RAB, Dr Patrick KARANGWA visited different drought affected sites including Mutunguru in Gasabo District, maize growers in Gatsibo District, etc., aiming to assess damages caused by unexpected drought and see how helpful the support delivered had towards farmers.

Rwanda has abundant water resources not evenly distributed; rainfall is high in the Western part of the country and low in the East. The issue of variability is critical for lands on hillsides where water cannot be retained.  Farms in the Eastern part of the country, where rainfall is limited, are therefore the most vulnerable to the unexpected droughts.

It is in this regard that Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board has identified sites where intervention actions needed especially in the Eastern province. Based on a quick assessment, 6,042 ha were identified as sites requiring urgent irrigation intervention in order to cope with unusual dry spells in 2022A Agricultural Season.

During the campaign, 64 pumps were deployed from RAB stations to support irrigation interventions, four teams were mobilized for seven districts of Eastern Province for four weeks intervention.

Irrigation schemes with permanent structures are expected to be fully utilized and also SSIT Schemes around the country shall be fully functional to make sure the irrigation is put in use.

The total area currently under irrigation is 67,100 Hectares composed of 37,273 ha of marshlands, 9,439 ha of hillside and 20,388 ha of Small-Scale Irrigation Technology.