RAB trains Private Coffee Seeds Multipliers

The impact of investments in coffee production value chain can be realized only if farmers have better access to high quality seed of the new varieties. Multiplication and distribution of improved and adapted coffee varieties in each agroecological zones, deserve special attention to promote sustainable and commercial coffee production, processing and marketing towards coffee quality management. Experience shows that private seed producers are the most effective organizations in dissemination of new seed in many situations.

Public institutions (RAB and NAEB) and private stakeholders are to work collectively in developing a framework for the harmonization of seed production and nursery development to facilitate seed distribution across the country and to boost sector productivity.

It is in this regard on 21st April 2022 at RAB/Rubona station in Huye District, The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) held a one-day training that convened potential private coffee seeds multipliers from 12 districts countrywide where coffee is grown mostly.

The training focused on coffee seed value chain, quality coffee seed production with regards to genetic, physical, physiological and health quality, coffee seed production standards in accordance with general aspect of seed standards, good practices in nursery management for good quality planting materials (seedlings), good agronomic practices in quality coffee seed production and pests and diseases management in coffee seeds product.

Following theoretical training, trainees conducted a filed visit to RAB coffee research plots to acquire practical hands-on aspects of variety diversity and afore mentions good agronomic practices.

Participants vowed to implement gained skills on their coffee seedlings to ensure good quality seeds is supplied to farmers in their respective localities to sustain the coffee productivity at the farm level.