RAB Hosts a Two-day Mid-Term Review Workshop for RwaSIS

On 26 to 27th April 2022 in the Capital City of Kigali, the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board hosted a two-day Mid-Term Review Workshop for the Rwanda Soil Information Service (RwaSIS) Project from to assess the progress made on specific activities, address any challenges, and propose necessary changes to the project’s course where needed.    

The workshop discussions focused on preliminary results of survey work, capacity building, soil sample analysis, research trials, and analysis activities for improving lime and fertilizer recommendations; progress on the information of types of erosion and occurrence of erosion in the main AEZs of Rwanda among other topics.

Addressing the event, Dr Charles Bucagu, the Deputy Director General in charge of agriculture development, said that the project aims to address the productivity gaps by developing site and crop-specific recommendations in order to assist farmers benefit in the efficient use of agricultural inputs.

“Rwanda Soil Information Service (RwaSIS)”, has been initiated under funding of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) to address the lack of crop and soil-specific fertilizer rates, soil acidity, and soil nutrient losses due to soil erosion associated with the dominant hilly landscapes.