RAB, OFAB-Rwanda Train Journalists on Science Communication

July 12th ,2022, The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board in partnership with Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB)-Rwanda chapter trained journalists on Science Communication.

The training brought together local media practitioners to map, evaluate, and share opportunities, challenges and expertise in agricultural biotechnology reporting and science communication.

Opening the training, Dr Athanase Nduwumuremyi, the Country’s OFAB coordinator, told participants that the session intends to share knowledge on agricultural biotechnology reporting and science communication with media practitioners.

Dr Charles Bucagu, the Deputy Director General in charge of Agriculture Development who spoke on behalf of RAB, commended the training, saying that having connection between journalists and scientists will help to communicate easily research findings to farmers through the art of reporting complex scientific terms in plain language which easily understood by farmers.

The training aimed at orienting journalists about getting into biotechnology reporting (basics of science reporting); mapping out evidence-based news sources-contact list/ resource for future engagements and exposing journalists to the state of research and current biotech projects in Rwanda/Africa (firsthand experience on ongoing projects in Rwanda)-OFAB Rwanda Coordinator to lead among other objectives.

The seminar was concluded by giving participation certificates to journalists and taking a group photo.