Over 30,000 Attend National Agriculture Show 2022

The National Agricultural Show 2022 organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources from 6th to 14th July 2022 attracted more than 30,000 visitors who came to explore different technologies and latest innovations used in the agriculture sector in Rwanda.

More than 300 exhibitors showcased their technologies in the agriculture sector, with latest innovations ranging from newly developed crop seeds and livestock breeds, different equipment used in agriculture from soil testing and land preparation or compost making to irrigation and harvest as well as postharvest handling.

Other technologies and innovations found at the agricultural show included farm automation and different livestock and crop development technologies such as artificial insemination and use of quick transport means such as drones and electric trucks.

The RwandaAgriShow2022, as it is known locally, took place at Mulindi Showground, Gasabo District in Kigali city under the theme of “Building Resilience in Agriculture through Modern Technologies”.

Its aim is to foster exchanges of technologies, skills, and best practices between farmers themselves and other agriculture stakeholders.

From the technologies displayed, it was clear that innovation and technology are helping in the transformation of the country’s agriculture sector as farmers increasingly move from subsistence to market-oriented agriculture with use of technology enabling Rwandan farmers to efficiently increase yield.

While closing the National Agricultural Show at Mulindi Showground, the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr. Gerardine Mukeshimana, urged all participants in the agriculture sector to keep up the momentum to develop innovations that will effectively drive the next response to emerging food security challenges.

“Let’s keep thinking about how we can be more efficient in what we do in different areas of the agriculture sector,” she said at the end of the agricultural show.

Minister Mukeshimana has said that there is need to continue building resilience in agriculture and pledged the continued support by the Government of Rwanda to invest in research and technological innovations that are crucial for that resilience.

The National Agricultural Show is an annual event organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources in partnership with stakeholders in the agriculture sector and is expected to be back next year.