Anastasie makes Pig Feeds in Sweet Potato Vines

On 9th July 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr Geraldine Mukeshimana officiated Agriculture show which takes place annually.  The agriculture exhibitions, which took place at Mulindi Showground in the Kigali City, was attended by over 300 exhibitors.

Anastasia UWIMABERA was one among those exhibitors where she was showcasing pig feeds, which She makes from sweet potato vines and roots mixed with molasses and maize brand. 

 Sweet potato silage is a method for preserving vines and roots in a succulent condition in a silo. The silage is made by fermenting chopped vines and roots of non-commercial value in the absence of air and can be stored for up to a year.

It can be made with only chopped vines or combined chopped vines with roots or with a grass like napier. The use of a ferment starter, like molasses, improves the process of fermentation and nutrient content.

The Muhanga District-based pig breeder, Anastasia UWIMABERA who worked in hand with the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board’s animal nutrition scientists to make the silage, says that “While we were at stage one of mixing vines with molasses and maize bland, I was not understanding what we were doing for sure, but after finding a final product and feeding this silage my pigs, I came to see that this is a good deal to go.”

“It helps to reduce cost of pigs feeds and it also contains proteins that help pig to grow healthful.” She added.

However, sweet potato silage is underutilized in Sub-Saharan Africa because it is largely unknown. Animal nutrition scientists say that use of sweet potato silage can significantly increase meat production.