Launch Meeting of the Innovea Global Coffee Breeding Network

Tuesday 23rd August 2022, The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board in partnership with the World Coffee Research held a launch meeting of the Innovea Global Coffee Breeding Network.

The network is an international collaboration focused on improving coffee varieties to meet the challenges of climate change in diverse coffee-producing countries.

The meeting brought together participants from the United States, Mexico, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Indonesia, and Rwanda to discuss network goals and activities, visit field sites and laboratory facilities, and see demonstrations of hybridization in coffee trees.

“The meeting is an occasion to gain perspective on breeding programs from other participating countries and gain a clearer understanding of expectations and suggestions from the network in an effort to maximize breeding efficiency” said Dr. Tania Humphrey, the Director of Research and Development at the World Coffee Research

World Coffee Research is a non-profit, collaborative research and development program of the global coffee industry to grow, protect, and enhance supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihood of the families who produce it.