RAB and Embassy of China in Rwanda Train Mushroom Growers

Kigali on 30th August 2022, The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board teamed up with the Embassy of China in Rwanda to officiate training course on button mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus) cultivation in Rwanda.

The training convened over forty mushroom growers and producers selected countrywide to acquire knowledge on optimizing mushroom postharvest handling and marketing, among other topics.

Addressing the event, The Honorable Ambassador of China to Rwanda, His Excellency WANG Xuekun said that Rwanda and China are very much alike as both countries are endowed with kind, intelligent and united people.

He further said “Embassy of China in Rwanda is more than happy to sponsor this training, and I believe you will find out your own path to prosperity. "

Mushroom farming with Juncao technology was carried out in Rwanda in 2006, through a bilateral cooperation of the Chinese government and Rwanda. The approach of mushroom cultivation in the soil was introduced, disseminated and adopted by farmers.

The Director General of RAB, Dr Patrick Karangwa hailed Juncao Technology saying that before its introduction in Rwanda, many people were not aware that mushroom farming is a profitable business that can help fight poverty.

"Rwanda will keep up efforts to develop and adopt technologies and innovations for achieving agriculture transformation and improvement of farmers’ livelihoods, and highly appreciate cooperation in this regard." He added.

Rwanda has registered remarkable success in past years. Since the Chinese new technology was brought to Rwanda in 2006, about 35,000 mushroom growers have been trained. Around 250 tons of mushroom are harvested per year.