RAB, IITA train Farmers on Processing Cassava Peels into Animal Feed

On 30th August, 2022, The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board in partnership with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) organized a three-day training on increasing awareness on the potentiality of processing cassava peels into high quality cassava peels (HQCP) for animal feed, and to provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs to acquire the skills in transforming cassava peels into a good quality ingredient for livestock feed.

During the training, the operationality of the HQCP technology was demonstrated to the trainees during a field visit conducted at the Akanoze Nyamiyaga Ltd company located in Kamonyi District. The trainees got an opportunity to discuss with farmers operating around Akanoze factory who incorporate HQCP in the livestock feed.  The farmers have expressed the happiness to have HQCP as an ingredient to feed their pigs.

The trainees enlightened the advantages of using HQCP as ingredient to formulate animal feed. For example, cassava peels which are considered as wastes during cassava processing, they can be valorised into animal feeds as the technology is simple and does not require expensive and sophisticated machinery.

The trainees appreciated the acquired knowledge and committed to scale up the technology through promotion and training of various stakeholders including farmers. They have acknowledged the support of MINAGRI through RAB and other collaborators for organizing the important training.

The training attracted 27 participants, including farmers, livestock farmer field school facilitators, cassava processors, animal feed processors and scientists.