The Deputy Director General attends the Poultry Africa opening Ceremony

Kigali on 5th October 2022, The Deputy Director in charge of animal resources development I Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board, Dr Solange UWITUZE joined the Honorable Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana to officiate the Poultry Africa 2022 exhibition and conference.

Officiating the Poultry Africa, Honorable Minister Mukeshimana urged Rwanda poultry business owners to take advantage of the presence of the captains of this industry, to establish lasting business partnerships to improve your respective poultry operations.

In 2019, Rwanda had 15 large commercial poultry farmers, 108 medium and 222 small commercial poultry farmers. Since then, the country has grown to have: 27 large commercial poultry farmers, 258 medium poultry farmers, and 265 small commercial poultry farmers.

The poultry Africa 2022 3rd Edition brought together 120 exhibitors from all over the world, Poultry Africa is connecting professionals working for the fast-growing communities of feed production, farming, and food processing in Africa with top international and local suppliers.