RAB Celebrates the National Honey Week

In Kigali on October 11th 2022, the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rwanda, conducted a four-day National Honey Week which brought together beekeepers from across the country.

During the seminar, beekeepers discussed the development of beekeeping, its importance in Rwanda’s economy and business opportunities in beekeeping, among other topics.

Speaking at the event, Dr Solange Uwituze, the Deputy Director General in charge of Animal Resources Development, called on beekeepers, producers and stakeholders to embrace professionalism in the honey production value chain.

So far, RAB counts 120,000 beekeepers, 300,000 traditional hives, 75,000 Langstroth hives and 60,000 Kenyan top bar hives that are found in five major beekeeping zones, including Nyungwe Park, Akagera National Park, Volcanoes Park; Gishwati Forest and Kigali City (Mount Kigali, Mount Jari and Mount Juru).

According to the Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation (PSTA4), the country envisages producing 8,611 Metric Tons of honey while the current production is estimated at 5,800 Metric Tons.