RAB Organizes NESTLER Project Workshop

From January 9 to 13, 2023, The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board conducted a five-day workshop for oNe hEalth SusTainabiLity partnership between EU-AFRICA for food sEcuRity (NESTLER) Project in Musanze District.

The oNe hEalth SusTainabiLity partnership between EU-AFRICA for food sEcuRity (NESTLER) is a joint project between the EU and African member states including Rwanda designed to promote One-Health sustainable partnership. At the heart of the project, the production of various food sources towards achieving food sustainability, such as agriculture and insect farming, livestock, and aquaculture production is considered. 

The project aims to bring together interdisciplinary technological advances to effectively monitor the well-being of animals, plants, and humans in a holistic approach. The technological intervention from the project will be applied to the production of food, leading to food security, sustainable food production, and environmental stewardship by bringing together interdisciplinary teams such as academics, researchers, producers, consumers, and government agencies.

The workshop aimed to build interdisciplinary consensus among the different stakeholders contributing to the development and implementation of NESTLER’s work packages in Rwanda. It brought together participants from RAB, RBC, VSF, AFROHUN, Maggot Farm Production LTD, and University of Rwanda.