Cup of Excellence Auction Concluded

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Rwanda was honoured to host the 3rd Cup of Excellence competitions and is proud to be considered one of the highest quality coffee producing countries in the world. Rwanda announced the 3rd Live Internet auction for the coffees that passed in the Cup of Excellence 2011 competitions on the African continent on 27th October. 2011. The cup of excellence comes from a strict competition where the best coffee produced in the country for a particular year is selected. The winning coffees are chosen by a selective group of national and international cuppers and the chosen are cupped in five different sessions during the competition process. Only coffees that continuously score high points are allowed to move forward in the competition. The final winning coffees are sold to the highest bidder during the live internet auction.

The National Jury trainings and qualification test was held in Kayonza district in the Eastern province where NAEB recently constructed an advanced laboratory meant for such international cupping competitions. The National and International competitions were from July 15th – Aug. 25th, 2011. The closing ceremony of these competitions was in Karongi District, Western province, on August 26th, 2011. A total of 189 samples entered the pre-selection phase, and 132 samples qualified to the National Jury, out of which 36 passed the competition and qualified for the auction. During the international Jury stage, the interest in this competition was high and the international Jury members seated were some of the most experienced participants among regular jurors. The result was definite opinions, lively discussions, and clear scoring of the samples. A total of 23 panellists, including the 2 selected Rwanda nationals were included in the jury. Rwanda Cup of Excellence winning coffees are to be sold at an internet auction to the highest bidder on October 27th, 2011 after sending samples of these coffees to different coffee roasters and buyers worldwide.The online auction for the 36 first winning coffees ,was held On 27th October at 3h30 PM at NAEB head quarters, where bidders from all over the world had to bid for Rwandan coffee. The auction lasted 2hours and 30 minutes, and the lowest price started on 8,8 US $/Kg ,the auction was conducted by Alliance for coffee Excellence(ACE) from Montana USA. Several people participated to the online Auction, coffee farmers, coffee washing station owners and NAEB Authorities and staff as well.

The first 6 highly bided coffees are on the chart

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Lot #

Winning Farm

Lot Size*

High Bid/pd

Price per KG

Total Value

High Bidder(s)


API Mushonyi - Nzabahimana Frodouard





Maruyama Coffee (Japan) and Orsir Coffee (Taiwan)


Kageyo Coffee - Ndarusanze Faustin





Terarosa, Beanybeans Coffee & Beany Roasters, Old tree


Nyakizu CWS - Nkunzurwanda Festus





Single Origin Pty Ltd







Time’s Club for C-COOP(Japan), Coffee Libre(S.Korea)


COVACAF KARENGERA - Mugambira Aphrodis





Invalsa Coffee® (USA) with Specialty Coffee, Inc (Korea), Moxxee Coffee (USA), No Quarter Coffee (USA)


Gatare Coffee - Bavugamenshi Theobald





Café Grumpy, Royal Coffee N.Y., Inc., Shenandoah Joe, Coffee By Design, Boston Common Coffee Co., Greene Brothers