Minister Kalibata meets with NUR and Researchers from Global Knowledge Initiative

|   RAB News

On Wednesday 12th January 2012, Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources Dr. Agnes Kalibata met the NUR and Researchers in Coffee from Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI). The objective of this meeting was to discuss the potato taste (PT) in coffee and a related article that was published by University of California Riverside .

The Minister wanted to ensure greater consultation with Government and coffee industry so that future articles are published with the full context of Rwanda’s coffee sector. She informed the meeting that the Government of Rwanda organizes an annual Cup of Excellence, where national and international experts are invited to taste Rwandan coffee. She expressed appreciation for GKI’s research but sought greater collaboration with the Ministry. GKI researches set out their research agenda to identify causes of PT and develop solutions. They emphasized the need to establish a participatory approach in order to respond to PT challenges and increase the coffee market share in Rwanda. Their research had already identified numerous solutions to this problem. Minister committed to support the team carry out their work as quickly as possible.