India’s Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources Visits MINAGRI

|   RAB News

Mr. Dhruv Vijai Singh, the Secretary in the Ministry of Water Resources India met with Hon. Minister Agnes Kalibata this morning

to discuss the irrigation feasibility report conducted by the WAPCOS Team. WAPCOS is a Government of India undertaking that

provides consultancy services in all faucets of water resources, power and infrastructure sectors in India and abroad.

The relationship between WAPCOS and MINAGRI began with a MoU in August 2011, followed by a feasibility report that is now finalized and was presented to Hon. Minister Kalibata during this meeting. The WAPCOS team together with the Irrigation and Mechanization Task Force will set up two main pumping stations in Mpanga and Mahama Sectors to irrigate over 6,000 ha of land, as well as work to protect and manage various watersheds, increase mechanization, and build capacity. The project will be completed in 2 phases costing over USD 120 Million and commencing by the end of 2012.

Hon Minister Kalibatastressed the importance of the WAPCOS partnership, as it will help Rwanda to achieve advanced irrigation leading to food security. In the past India was like Rwanda, needing to ensure food security and now, India is a food secure nation that can also export their crops. “We can share our experience so that Rwandans do not have to learn the hard way,” commented Secretary Singh.

The meeting began with a short overview of irrigation potential in Rwanda by Irrigation and Mechanization Task Force Chairman Jean Jacque MBONIGABA. This was followed by a presentation from the WAPCOS Team, represented by various members including WAPCOS Chairman Mr. R.K. Gupta.

Secretary Singh explained, “We will be extending assistance in technology and expertise. Rwanda has been pro active. The Minister of Agriculture has been to India and shown initiative. We are responding to this initiative.” Hon Minister Kalibata reiterated the importance of this partnership by saying, “We have started cooperating with India in agricultural development and a lot of work has already been done. This relationship really comes as a big package with irrigation, mechanization and increased productivity.”