Overview and Background

Muhanga RAB-Station was established by ISAR in 2006 and later owned by former PAG (Project Agricole de Gitarama) infrastructure in Muhanga District.  It is located in the Middle Altitude Agro-ecological zone with climate suitable for different crops like maize, common beans, soybeans, rice, cassava, sweet potatoes, bananas, and vegetables.

Muhanga RAB Station has administrative offices near Muhanga Sector with 23 staff, 5 residential houses, 2 warehouses, 7ha of land at Muhanga and 32.5 ha at Mututu site (Nyanza District, Kibirizi Sector).

Reference made to the law N°14/2017 of 14/04/2017 establishing Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB), and since the publication of the Prime Minister Order N°123/03 of 25/09/2018 determining the organizational structure, job profiles, salaries and fringe benefits for employees of RAB, a series of reforms are underway, both in administrative and technical entities. RAB operations are now decentralized into 13 stations distributed in the four provinces and Kigali City, and Muhanga RAB Station is amongst the 13 Stations.   Collaboration with the Local Governments and other stakeholders is strengthened through stations responsible for agriculture growth and animal resources development. Each Station looks after agriculture development of 2 to 5 Districts.  In that line, Muhanga station oversees currently agriculture and livestock activities in three districts of the Southern Province (Muhanga, Ruhango and Kamonyi).