Overview and Background

Rubilizi Station is created by the law established the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) – it was established by LAW N°14/2017 OF 14/04/2017. The law specifies that: RAB’s Station has the general mission of championing the agriculture sector development into a knowledge based; technology driven and market oriented industry, using modern methods in crop, animal, fisheries, forestry and soil and water management in food, fibre and fuel wood production and processing. But the specific mandate for station of RAB enabling it to carry out research, agricultural or animal resources extension at the level of farmers and which has the powers to manage both the staff and the property located in that zone;

RAB-Rubilizi station is located in Kigali city, Kicukiro District, Kanombe sector and Rubilizi cell, has to cover the activity on agricultural and animal resources development in 5 districts.3 districts in Kigali city (Nyarugenge; Gasabo and Kicukiro) and 2 districts in Eastern Province (Bugesera and Rwamagana).

For agriculture component, Rubilizi station has a land for research and seed multiplication in different sites).

Musenyi site 30ha; Gashora site 8ha and Nemba site 13ha  located in Bugesera District for research and seed multiplication, Muyumbu site 14.60ha in Rwamagana District for research and seed multiplication, Mulindi site for Horticulture Center of Excellence; Masoro site for seed processing and Rubungo site 14,7ha for research on Banana and seed multiplication in Gasabo District and Rubilizi site for research and seed multiplication; seed processing; Export Targeting modern Irrigation Agriculture ETI and seed laboratory services in Kicukiro District.

For livestock component there is Masaka Bull site for Artificial Insemination center, Veterinary laboratory and Liquid nitrogen in Kicukiro District,.