Overview and Background

Rwerere Station was created by Law N°14/2017 of 14/04/2017 establishing Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB). The law specifies that: RAB’s Station has the general mission of championing the agriculture sector development into a knowledge based; technology driven and market oriented industry, using modern methods in crop, animal, fisheries, forestry and soil and water management in food, fibre and fuel wood production and processing. But the specific mandate of a RAB Station is to be able to carry out agricultural and/or animal research and extension at the level of farmers and other beneficiaries. The station has been given the powers to manage both staff and properties allocated in its scope.

Rwerere Station is one of the 13 stations of RAB. It is located in Northern Province and headquartered in Gashoro Cell, Rwerere Sector, Burera District, at approximately 29km from the main tarmacked road at Base, along latitude 01º50’S, longitude 29º87’E and altitude ranging between 2,107 masl (Rugezi sub-site) and 2,375masl (Kalima sub-site). It covers Burera and Gicumbi Districts. Today, Rwerere station is composed of three sites, namely, Rwerere and Ruhunde sites located in in Burera District and Masogwe site located in Gicumbi District.

As one of the Stations of the whole country helps RAB to reach its goals and mission, it promotes research and extension in Agriculture and animal resources by making a focus on research for efficiency and effective productivity.