Overview and Background

The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) – TAMIRA Station was established by LAW N°14/2017 OF 14/04/2017. The law specifies that: RAB’s Station has the general mission of championing the agriculture sector development into a knowledge based; technology driven and market oriented industry, using modern methods in crop, animal, fisheries, forestry and soil and water management in food, fibre and fuel wood production and processing. But the specific mandate for station of RAB enabling it to carry out research, agricultural or animal resources extension at the level of farmers and which has the powers to manage both the staff and the property located in that zone;

Tamira is one of the stations of Rwanda Agriculture  and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB), it is located in Western province specifically in Rubavu District, In Bugeshi Sector,in the North at 4km, is the National park of Birunga,West at 6km is the small border separetes Rwanda and DRC,in Est is Mudende  Sector and in South Busasamana Sector and 12km from  the main road of Musanze –Rubavu.Tamira Station is at 2400m of altitude and annual average of Temperature is 150c and the highest Rain fall is at 1450mm per year except the month of June, July and August; the summer  season.   Besides, they are other stations operating in Western province such as Ntendezi in Nyamasheke district, Gishwati in Nyabihu and Ngororero district, and Gakuta in Karongi district. Today Tamira has other sites like Kareba located in Nyabihu and Rutagara in Rubavu as well.

Tamira station started operating in 1972 in former Rwanda agriculture research institute (French acronym ISAR). It held about 120 hectors of its surface, within these hectors, we conducted research on potatoes, wheat, maize and pyrethrums. Research on agricultural and animal resources activities were explored by colonies exclusively the pyrethrums.

Today Tamira station remained with 35 hectors, within some hectors we conduct research and multiplication of seeds for planting such as potatoes, maize and Peas. In addition to the agriculture we have also Cows which help in increasing productivity by availability of manure,

as well as the production of milk. Today Tamira station have two subordinate sites after Tamira as the main site, those are Kareba located in Nyabihu District and Rutagara in Rubavu District.