Overview and Background

Nyamagabe is one of the stations of Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB), it is located in South province specifically in Nyamagabe District, In Gasaka Sector. Nyamagabe station has three main sites that activities of seeds multiplication in quantities and qualities are conducted which are:

  • Site of Sigira: in Kitabi sector
  • Site of Kitabi: in Kitabi sector
  • Site of Akanyirandori; in Tare sector.

In addition to the agriculture we have also Cows at Sigira which we keep for the purpose of delivering organic manure to use in agriculture.

Most variety of potatoes seeds that we produce in Nyamagabe station is Pre-basic seed: Pre-basic seed is a step of seed multiplication between breeder and foundation or basic seed that is used to produce sufficient quantities of seed for foundation or basic seed production. It is the responsibility of the breeder to produce pre-basic seed and production should occur under very high levels of genetic control.

In order to cut of the problems of inadequate seeds in Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru district policy of working with seeds multipliers around all sectors, conducting research about the varieties of seeds which can fit with the soil to be used has been adopted and we give seeds to farmers after being Certified.

Background of RAB Nyamagabe Station:

The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) – NYAMAGABE Station was established by LAW N°14/2017 OF 14/04/2017. The law specifies that: RAB’s Station has the general mission of championing the agriculture sector development into a knowledge based; technology driven and market oriented industry, using modern methods in crop, animal, fisheries, forestry and soil and water management in food, fibre and fuel wood production and processing. But the specific mandate for station of RAB enabling it to carry out research, agricultural or animal resources extension at the level of farmers and which has the powers to manage both the staff and the property located in that zone.

RAB Nyamagabe station started operating in former Rwanda agriculture research institute (French acronym ISAR). It held about 380 hectors of its surface, within these hectors, we conducted research on potatoes, wheat, and Peas as well as activities relating to Animal resources. In addition to the agriculture we have also Cows at Sigira which help in increasing productivity by availability of manure,