1.    Seed production and Multiplication

  • Mobilization of big farmers for proper conservation of potatoes production.
  • Follow up and training seeds multipliers
  • To mobilize big farmers to be seed multipliers
  • Selling seeds to big farmers and multipliers
  • Installing, follow up trials and demo plots.
  • Seed Distribution of Major Crops.
  • Fertilizer Distribution (DAP, UREA,NPK)
  • Training private seed multipliers.
  • Training farmers in crop production of main crops.

2.    Land husbandry and integrated soil fertility management.

  • Follow up activities relating to fighting against soil erosion by focusing on Radical terraces and Progressive terraces.
  • Conducting research on soil to identify industrial fertility to be used.

3.    Livestock program

  • Organize the awareness campaign on the veterinary public health on the effective use of acarcide.
  • Provide technical support in selection and blood sampling of heifers.
  • Monitoring livestock activities like follow up of milk collection centers.
  • Follow up health status of cow in communal shad.
  • Bovine Artificial Insemination
  • Provision of improved genetic materials (bovine, small ruminants, monogastrics, fish, apiary)
  • Vaccinations.

4.    Post-harvest handling

  • Conducting and participate in research activities of post-harvest program.
  • Training farmers in postharvest, handling, storage, marketing and nutrition.