Division overview

The Post-Harvest management and Biotechnology division is responsible for implementing the national agriculture policy related to post harvest and Biotechnology activities. The division focuses on development and dissemination of post-harvest technologies in order to reduce losses, improve the quality of produce and ensure the market competitiveness of produce. The division is promoting biotechnology in agriculture for seeds variety improvement and disease diagnostic

To effectively engage in all of these activities, the post-harvest management and biotechnology division partners with a variety of stakeholders, including farmers, provincial and local authorities, civil society organizations, the private sector, and local & international development partners.

Ms. KAMARABA Illuminée
Division Manager "Crop Postharvest and Processing Management"
Email: illuminee.kamaraba@rab.gov.rw      
Phone Number: + 250783257655
Bio: is the Division Manager of Postharvest Management & Biotechnology in RAB where she leads efforts on ensuring food security by improving harvest handling and reducing losses. She has experience in agriculture and rural development sector in developed and developing countries. She has competences in agriculture policy development, leadership competences, including managing projects which aim to improve beneficiaries’ livelihood.

  • Post-Harvest Management Program
  • Food Quality and Nutrition Program
  • Biotechnology Program

The most important goals of post-harvest handling are keeping the product cool, to avoid moisture loss and slow down undesirable chemical changes, and avoiding physical damage such as bruising, to delay spoilage and avoiding contamination.

One of the great achievement in 2019A is the intense mobilization which has been conducted to reduce losses due to aflatoxin contamination in maize. The campaign has focused on: -promoting drying technologies, -construction of permanent shelters and temporary shelters countrywide. This helped to reduce produce rejected from 60 to 10%. as reported by buyers.