Animal Production

Animal Resources Production & Extension Services

The Animal Resources Production & Extension desk is under the supervision of the Head of Department of Animal resources in RAB. Its main service to the public is the provision of technical advice to prospective livestock entrepreneurs and extension services to farmers and industries in animal resources production..



1.     Objectives

The main objectives of Animal Resources Production & Extension Services:

* Coordinating and facilitating demand articulation, planning, implementation and reporting on Projects and Programs for improve animal resources production

    * Participating in policy design, implementation and dissemination on matters relating to animal resources production

* Establishing, updating and implementing capacity development programs for multiplication and management of improved animal resources production


2.     MainInterventions

The service is expected to deliver on the following:

  Promote the use of crop residues and agro industrial by – products in feeding livestock;

  Promote the establishment of intensive forage production by livestock farmers;

  Facilitate the provision of stock water in livestock producing arrears where water resources are scarce;

 Offer technical advice on the improvement of beef production systems aimed at higher production in quality and quantity.

  To provide technical support so as to facilitate improvements in the quality and quantity of dairy/animals and their products

  To provide technical support so as to facilitate improvements in the quality and quantity of small ruminants

 To provide technical advice relating to poultry, pigs and rabbit, and their products improvements in the quality and increase in quantity of non-ruminants (pigs, poultry and rabbits)



3.     Achievements

The main achievements of this program are as follows:

1.      Technical advice in animal nutrition

-          Multiplication of forage seed  and distribution to the farmers.

-          Training of farmers on simple method for mixing concentrate feed using local ingredients, Conservation of forage and Hay making.

picture of field pruductionpiocture of a field of agri

1.      Technical advice in dairy value chain


-          Support to operationalization of dairy plant

-          Training of farmers in milk hygiene

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